Saturday, October 31, 2009

Monday, October 19: Yellow Springs, Ohio Girls Weekend

What the heck is this, you might ask?? This is Kathi in some sort of head gear that was at one of the "import" stores I spoke of in yesterday's post. The gal who was working the store told us that, to her knowledge, no one had every actually put the thing on before. This, of course, was something that Kathi just couldn't let be, sooooo, she became the first person on the planet to actually put this thing on her head. When I mentioned that I MUST have a picture of this, the gal working in the store told me that, actually, no one was allowed to take photos in the store. WHAT???? Why the heck not? I seriously doubt that any of our friends are going to want to run home and knit one of these things for themselves. This "thing" looked the same, front and back, as in, there were eye holes and a mouth hole on both sides. Anyway, Kathi and I backed into a corner, and I took this photo, without the giveaway flash, because we just couldn't pass up the opportunity to have a picture of this!

Ok, so, let's see. Monday. Our last full day of Girls Weekend 2009. ***Sigh*** It was another absolutely beautiful fall day, so we decided that we would hike in Clifton Gorge State Nature Preserve and visit Clifton Mill. This turned out to be a good choice. The hike was beautiful. It was here that we actually did get views of the river at the bottom of the gorge and enjoyed the beauty of the colorful autumn foilage. It was the perfect day for a hike in such a place.

We worked up quite an appetite on our hike and as it turns out, there is a nice little restaurant inside the Historic Clifton Mill, so we grabbed a couple of burgers there with a view of the river outside the window. We could also see the guys that were putting out the lights for the gazillion bulb Christmas light display that they have every year at the Clifton Mill .

We were hoping to walk around to the side of the mill that sits on the river to get a picture, with the mill wheel but the Christmas light guys wouldn't let us climb the fence (that had a No Trespassing sign posted on it) to get the photo we wanted. So we gave the camera to one of the dudes to take the picture for us (because he WAS allowed to be on the OTHER side of the fence). He didn't frame it quite the way that I would have, so you can see some piles of Christmas lights in one corner, but you can still see just how pretty the mill is, sitting there on the bank of the river. Apparently the best shot one can get of the mill is from the covered bridge, but the Christmas light dudes had it closed off because it was absolute loaded down with strings of Christmas lights. Now, while this was not really a pretty or pleasant site on a beautiful fall day, the resulting light show looks to be spectacular (at least in the photos found on their website). From here we headed back to town, but decided to make a stop at an orchard that we had seen while driving about. This was a charming place, too, that was run by two cute farmer lady types who, obviously took great pride in the products they sold at their store, since all the produce was grown right there on the farm. There was a table laid out with all kinds of "edible squash", many of which were labeled with their name and a description of how they tasted when cooked up. Kathi, in particular, was fascinated with this and decided that she was going to buy some and try cooking them up once she got home. We both learned that there is a significant difference between jack-o-lantern pumpkins and pie pumpkins. I, personally, have just always bought my edible pumpkin in a can (courtesy of Libby's...thank you very much) and had never really given much thought to what type of pumpkin one would buy to cook with, should one want to cook pumpkin up fresh!! While there, we ordered up some hot apple cider, but also sampled some frozen cider..........pretty tasty!! Kathi came away from Peifer Orchards with some unusual squash and pie pumpkins to experiment with at home and I came away with lovely photo.
Once done at the orchard, we headed back to the room, where we settled in for a little e-mail, a little scrapbooking, a little journaling, some TV time, a little nibbling on things we had left in the fridge before calling it a night.

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