Thursday, February 4, 2010

Kathi's Birthday Getaway in Florida

This was a very special Girls Weekend that was more, much more, than Kathi and Lori's annual getaway. This was a Girls Weekend on steroids event. This was a gathering of friends to help Kathi celebrate her 50th birthday in style. Nine of us, including Kathi, gathered together in Marco Island, Florida at the home of one of Kathi's friends, Connie, who graciously offered her second home there as a venue for this celebration. This gathering included 2 women from New York City; one from Toronto, Canada; one from Chicago, Illinois; myself from Salem, Oregon and 4 from Indianapolis, Indiana. We ate, we talked, some of us went swimming, we walked on the beach, we ate, we watched the Indianapolis Colts kick butt in a football game at a local sports bar, we drank a little wine, we ate, we laughed, we hung out and read books, some of us knitted, we played a crazy word game call "Pass the Bomb", we drank Pina Coladas, we ate, we laughed some more, we watched the Golden Globe awards, we learned another language (ole boy, ole girl, Nowember) courtesy of Capathia and Aisha, and we celebrated Kathi's birthday and friendship. It was a wonderful, magical weekend and one I am very happy that I was a part of. I hope that we can do it all again when Kathi turns 60!!

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