Friday, October 16, 2009

So…. I have an apple in my coat pocket to atone for the sin of the chocolate croissant that I indulged in upon arrival at the airport this morning along with my usual morning mocha. But the question is….will I eat it?

(What is it about vacation that makes me feel like I can push my usual boundaries out a bit? Ok, more than a bit, a LOT. I eat things that I would normally NEVER allow myself to eat, I spend money on indulgences that I would normally NEVER allow myself to spend money on and I allow myself to lounge around and do NOTHING while on vacation. This phenomenon, particularly the spending money portion of it, is something that my husband has certainly become attuned to. He KNOWS that the best time to ask me if he can make a somewhat expensive and usually unnecessary purchase is while on vacation. Am I the only one who experiences this phenomenon? I would be interested to know. I suspect, or maybe I just hope, that I am not!!)

I realized last night as I was changing into my pajamas that I forgot to bring socks. I have ONE pair. The pair that I wore yesterday. Hmmmmm…. Then, this morning, once I was at the airport and went to check my watch for the time, I discovered that I had left both my watch and my reading glasses sitting on the night table back in the motel room. I am usually WAY more careful than that. Is this old age, or does it have more to do with the above-mentioned aside regarding expanded boundaries (far less attention to detail than usual being another part of the “vacation-mind” phenomenon)? Oh well, one should not have to pay a lot of attention to time while on vacation, anyway. Right?? (More “vacation-mind” phenomenon!)

I will let you know whether I eat that apple or not.

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