Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Sunday, October 21, 2012

Sunday morning already!!!  How can that be?  We want to make the most of the day, so we get up around 8:30 or so with a plan to have brunch in the lobby of our beautiful hotel before we go to see the Tall Grass Film Festival film of our choice.  The lobby has a courtyard feel to it with a fountain and with balconies off of some of the rooms that look into it.  After our brunch of scrambled eggs, sausage, fruit and yogurt, we walk the few blocks from the hotel to the beautiful Scottish Rite Auditorium

where the film we have chosen, Call Me Kuchu, is playing.  Call Me Kuchu  is a heartbreaking film about a bill that is currently being argued in Uganda that threatens to make homosexuality punishable by death.  It is an eye-opening and thought provoking look at how homosexuals are treated elsewhere and, in my opinion, it is quite tragic.

 Upon leaving the movie we decided that we wanted to sit outside somewhere and finish, or in my case attempt to finish, Lean on Pete, the book that Kathi's book club read this past month and is meeting today to discuss.  Kathi was only about 50 pages away from finishing, while I was more like 150 pages away from the end.  This required a trip back to the room so that Kathi could get her book, then we settled in at the Caffe Moderne for some iced coffee, gelato and reading.   Does life get any better than this??

Kathi succeeded in finishing the book, I didn't even come close, but we went back to the room around 4:30 so that we would be available to join in the book club discussion when we got the call, which happened around 5:15.  This book choice was Deidre's and she chose it upon recommendation from a friend of hers as well as having read many positive reviews of the book.  I would say, however, from the discussion, that the book was not a favorite amongst this group of readers.  The beauty of a book club, however, in my opinion, is that you find yourself reading books that you most likely would never have chosen to read on your own and this exposure helps one to expand their reading horizons.

After hanging up with the book club, we realized that we had forgotten to toss the states the night before so I began to search for the puzzle pieces at which point we both had an "aha" moment in which we realized that we left the puzzle pieces in the room at the Marriott in Tulsa!!!  OH NO!!  Kathi called the Marriott and asked that they do a search and find out if housekeeping had found them and if they were in a lost and found somewhere.  Kathi asked that we get a call back tomorrow, one way or the other.   Hopefully they were not thrown away.  These are the original puzzle pieces that we have been using for annual toss since we bought the puzzle on our 5th trip back in Washington, DC.  One year I did forget to bring them and we had to buy another puzzle (NOT wooden) to make due.  That puzzle has been designated as our back up, but Kathi did not have those pieces with her because she was unable to locate them in her house, which is in flux due to Eric moving in once they got married.  So, we did what we do so well and improvised.
Fortunately we have a photo of the 6 states that were left after the last toss made on our last night in Tulsa, so we just wrote the name of each of those states on individual pieces of paper, threw them into a pitcher provided with our room and drew out half of them.  Here are the states that are left.  North Carolina, Washington and North Dakota.
Having already demolished our leftovers from last night's dinner, we made a run to the grocery store for some cheese and crackers and various other "snackie" items to eat in the room while we browsed the internet on our computers, worked on journaling and photo albums.  I journaled a little bit for the blog and found myself very sleepy, so decided to go ahead and go to bed after watching a bit of Grimm on my computer.  Kathi stayed up until about 2:30 am continuing to work on her wedding album, which she is determined to done on this trip and once Kathi makes up her mind to do something, there is pretty much no stopping her!

We set our alarms for 8 in the morning so that we can get up in time to get ready for our massages that we have scheduled for tomorrow at 10 am.  Then we plan on going to the zoo if the weather is nice.

Good night!

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