Saturday, October 20, 2012

Girls Weekend 2012, October 18

Livin' on Tulsa Time........Oh yes, it is that time again.....Girls Weekend.  And, as promised at the end of last year's trip, I am writing this while lying in bed in our hotel room in Tulsa, Oklahoma, where, just so you know, it is illegal to bring an elephant into the downtown area, and where a bartender cannot allow you to pretend to have sex with a buffalo while in the bar (tidbits of info found on an Oklahoma trivia didn't really think I just made that up, did you?)

Kathi and I arrived in Tulsa to a windy 70 degree day.  When researching Tulsa for this trip I was unable to come up with that fun, funky, unique kind of place to stay that I am always looking for, so I opted for a Marriott Courtyard hotel close to the airport.  I wanted something downtown, but couldn't find anything that looked interesting that was in our price range, so here we are.  Once we got to the room, we settled in for a while and talked and caught up with what is going on in one another's lives.  This past year has been a year of some MAJOR changes for us both.  Kathi got married (to a wonderful man, I must add) and Tucker and Ridley have both moved to other cities to go to school.  Tucker, to Las Vegas, to go to Bible College  (which sounds totally weird, I know) and Ridley to Chicago to attend Columbia College Chicago.  So, we had lots of things to talk about and get up to date on.  When our stomachs starting talking to us, we decided it was time to look for a place to eat. We browsed through a book on Tulsa that Kathi bought and decided that our first meal here would be at an Irish pub called Kilkenny's.
Kathi ordered something called a kilmacow boxty, which consisted of a potato pancake wrapped around seared beef, slow-cooked with portobello mushrooms and herbs and topped with Irish whiskey sauce.  Kathi said it was interesting, unique and delicious.  I went non-Irish and had spinach tortellini with an herbed cream sauce, that was also delicious.  While we were waiting for our entrees to arrive we ordered drinks, Kathi a lemon drop martini and I ordered something that I cannot remember the name of but it had creme de menthe, Bailey's Irish Creme and vodka (I think).  The drink tasted wonderful, but the color was kind of disgusting (an oogie green).  Once our bellies were full and we had a bit of alchohol in us, we both realized that we were very, very tired and we headed back to the room where, after the tossing of the states, we fell into our beds and to sleep.

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