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Girls Weekend numero uno; Minneapolis, MN

Minneapolis, Minnesota
Trip Date: sometime in late October, 1998--trip concluded just before Halloween.

These events were recorded from memory on November 19, 2002 during the 5th annual Girls' Weekend (GW) in Washington D.C.

Kathi arrived first at the airport. Joes Babay (with whom we stayed) picked us up & his car had a broken gas gauge. He warned us to make note of the mileage whenever we used it & to always fill it up so that his method of determining his amount of gas would work.

Tom (Lori's husband) was horrified we were staying with a man. No amount of assurances as to Joey's homosexuality could pacifiy him. He still grumbles about this more than 5 years later.

These photos were taken at Joey's favorite wine store in Minneapolis where he took us for the annual sale. Joey, being the actor that he is, posed for the shot at the top, appearing to partake of the goods as soon as we left the store!

Kathi arrived first & Joey picked her up from the airport, but he had to go to work, so it was Kathi who picked up Lori (whose flight arrived later) in Joey's car. We stayed at home that first night & just talked.

Joey worked sometimes as a tour guide & took us on a wonderful tour of the city. We saw Walter Mondale's house, Janet Jackson's house, the place where Prince filmed Purple Rain, the Mary Tyler Moore hat-tossing corner (from the opening credits of that TV show), as well as beautiful gardens and lakes.

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We went to a Farmer's Market & bought a mess of.............BRUSSEL SPROUTS!!!! We were all amazed that each of us was with two other people (all in the same room) who actually like brussel sprouts!! Lori still thinks of Joey whenever she eats them.

One day, we took a long walk which originated downtown (where we were awed by the city planning--one could go everywhere without going outside in the cold) and we stumbled upon a unique museum featuring unusual medical devices, where we spend some time checking out things like phrenology machines.

Ahhh..... bowling! Yes, we went bowling. Never had we seen such a place. Bryant Lake Bowl (how does Lori remember the name of this place five years later?) This place was a bowling alley/live stage theater/lesbian bar. Great place--much laughter. This is where the tradition of GW
bowling was born.

We had great food while in Minneapolis (aside from the brussel sprouts), including some fabulous ribs at this place, Dave's BBQ.

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