Sunday, January 4, 2009

Girls Weekend

This blog is a digital record of two friends' annual Girls' Weekend trip which officially began in 1998.
These trips unofficially began long before that but prior to 1998 they were more scattered, not annual, and happened whenever the girls could find time. Since 1998, the trips have been deliberate and planned, come hell or high water!!

Kathi & Lori have been friends since 1979 or 1980, where they met doing a community theater production of Godspell at Fort Benjamin Harrison in Indianapolis, Indiana. They have stayed friends through a total of 3 divorces, 3 children, one life threatening event apiece and can't hardly remember a time when they weren't friends. They seem to have some kind of weird, psychic connection where they often seem to be thinking the same thing at the same time. Lori's son, Tucker, is convinced that they two are essentially the same person.

These yearly trips are precious to both women, as they provide a time to NOT be a mom, a wife, a boss, a co-worker, a housekeeper, a laundress, etc. These trips are a time when we feel young and carefree again. Well, maybe not so young anymore, but certainly carefree. Both women have a love of learning and very much enjoy exploring new places and finding out as much as possible about wherever it is that they may be.

This is a place to share the journeys these two have taken together in both words and pictures. Enjoy.

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