Sunday, November 6, 2016

Girls Weekend 2016, Wednesday, October 26

Wednesday, October 26, 2016

Kathi wrote:
Lori and I can never really understand how departure day comes so quickly. We have so many more adventures and potential late night chats in us, but here it is, our final day. At least we have a few hours before our planes leave.
We were successful at rising early, completing our journaling, and packing everything up. We were about to leave the condo at about 10:20 when the phone rang. It was the front desk, saying that…you guessed it…our package had finally arrived. Sigh. Just in time to pack it in my backpack and wait for a different opportunity to use it. Lori and I are both fixers/problem solvers, and to be thwarted in all of our attempts to connect our laptops to the TV were frustrating, but what can you do? It is…or was…Girls’ Weekend!!
Upon leaving the condo we drove AWAY from the airport, back into St. Augustine. Lori wanted to go back to pick up a final souvenir she had seen earlier in the week, and I also had a couple of errands to run. Lori dropped me at the post office, where I mailed Ridley her souvenirs, partly so she wouldn’t have to wait for them, and partly because one less thing to pack was definitely a blessing, as I was sure my suitcase was already overweight and bulging from all of my purchases. After I left the post office I walked the several blocks up St. George street to a little store where Lori had purchased a necklace the day before, and bought one for myself.  Lori, meanwhile, had finished running her errand, and the timing worked perfectly.  Ten minutes later she picked me up from our predetermined meeting spot, and we took off for the airport, an hour away. After dropping off the rental car and checking in, we discovered our gates were across the hallway from each other. We enjoyed this last bit of time together, cherishing this special thing that we do. Soon it was time to board, and we parted.
Hmmmm, we left something out, I think. Much to our joy, although we liked the idea of any of our four remaining destinations for next year, when Lori tossed the States the final time, three of them landed face down.  We were thrilled with the result, and are already very excited about our trip next year…to beautiful Maine!  We have already started checking out places to stay (we are thinking Booth Bay Harbor) and adventures to have (a Moose Safari!!!)  Until then........

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