Monday, October 21, 2013

Saturday, October 19th, 2013

Fog. Again. The Weather app on my phone tells me it will burn off today around noon, but it said that yesterday, too, and it never happened.  So, I don't believe it when it tells me that it's gonna happen today.  But, it won't stop us from having fun and enjoying our day.  However, I do wish that it would burn off and go away.

So, today we decided to go back up to Canada again to visit a beach town just across the border called White Rock.  The pictures on the website make it look quite charming and Kathi and I are both suckers for charming little towns.  We waited until about 12:30pm to leave, because we were trusting the weather app to be telling us the truth about that fog burning off, and to give us a chance to have breakfast in the room and catch up on our e-mails and tweets and Facebook trolling and all of those internet, geeky things that we both seem to like to do.  And, speaking of breakfast, I must record here that Kathi has introduced me to oven baked bacon.  OH MY GOSH!!!  I LOVE bacon and Kathi asked me yesterday morning if I had ever baked bacon.  Why, no, I don't believe I have, Miss Kathi, but I would love to try some.  I am never going back. When one bakes bacon at 400 degrees in the oven on a cookie sheet and keeps an eye on it until it looks done (and maybe turns it over at some point while cooking if so inclined), one produces perfect, crisp bacon.  Just for the record.

Anyway, after eating our delicious and perfectly cooked bacon along with some eggs and Australian toaster muffins (does breakfast get any better than this?), we hopped into the car and headed north to cross the border into Canada again.  This time, it took us a while to cross over into Canada (maybe 30 minutes or so), but we again turned up the music and had a dance party in the car and didn't mind the wait.  We found the town quite easily and drove around for a while to see which part of town looked the most inviting to us, before parking and getting out to walk around.  The main street is on the waterfront and has many shops and restaurants (mostly restaurants) and, while it certainly was pleasant to walk around on this foggy October day, I would bet it is extraordinarily nice to walk around on a warm summer day.  We found a clothing store that was going out of business that we did some shopping in and found a couple of nice buys, then went to the West Beach Bar and Grill for lunch/dinner.  We shared an appetizer of steak bites and bleu cheese as well as a dinner size Ceaser salad.  Kathi had a "high ball", which consisted of vodka with cranberry and orange juice, while I had vodka with soda water with a little lemon and lime.  After dinner, most of the shops were closed, but we were fortunate enough to find a gelato shop (where they make their gelato daily, right there) open and we went in for some dessert.  Back into the car and back over the border into the state of Washington and after a short stop at  the grocery store for another bottle of wine as well as some bottled water, batteries and some Simply Limeade (MMMMmmmmm!!!), back to the room for the rest of the night.

I was determined to get some scrapbooking done at this point, but found that Kathi had NO PICTURES from Saugatuck, which is the trip that we are up to in the scrapbook (2007).  So, I kind of lost steam and just did some organizing of pages completed at the last scrapbook retreat we went to, then got back on-line and geeked around for a while before I got so sleepy that I could barely keep my eyes open and gave up and went to bed.

Oh!! I almost forgot!!  We did toss the states before I tucked myself into bed and here's what's left:

Tomorrow, we pack up and move down to The Camlin in Seattle for the last 2 nights of Girls Weekend 2013.  Seattle is ALWAYS a great city to visit and I am looking forward to it!  Until then.........

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